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Carrara Classic

Slab SizeSize: 127 x 64 (inches)
ApplicationsCountertops, kitchen islands, accent walls, Interior, Backsplash
Thickness:3 (cm)


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Quartz is one of the most sought-after materials for residential and commercial spaces. Especially, manmade stones such as Carrara Quartz offer a stunning look to any project. It has a hazy white background with soft grey veining. It’s a subtle and delicate material option to amp up interior designs. That’s why it has become popular among designers, fabricators, and engineers.

Benefits of Using Carrara Quartz

Carrara classic quartz countertop mimics the appearance of Carrara marble but it’s tougher. Besides, aesthetics, Carrara morro quartz offers many other benefits. These advantages are what make it suitable for various applications. Let’s look at the top benefits of a white Carrara classic quartz countertop below.

  • Durable: Quartz is one of the toughest materials in nature. It scores a solid 7.5/10 on the Mohs scale. It will not break or crack due to everyday impact.
  • Heat Resistant: The Carrara white quartz slab is resistant towards high temperatures. But remember extreme heat can damage any surface, let alone quartz. It’s advisable to use heat pads to place hot pans/pots.
  • Scratch Resistant: Its durable nature makes it scratch and chip resistant. The surface can withstand most scratches yet, it’s always better to use a chopping board to cut/chop.
  • Non-porous: As it is an engineered stone, it doesn’t have any pores. Carrara Marmi quartz comes with a smooth surface. So, it doesn’t accumulate any dust particles or moisture.
  • Stain Resistant: It’s non-porous, so the chances of surface staining go down by a lot. Ensure regular cleaning with water and a cloth and it’ll be fine.
  • Hygienic: Unlike natural stone countertops, Carrara classic quartz doesn’t absorb any liquid or moisture. So, it minimizes the chances of bacteria breeding, making it a hygienic surface option.
  • Low maintenance: It’s very easy to maintain and needs no sealing or waxing treatments.
  • Versatile: The applications of Carrara mist quartz are many. From kitchen to bathroom, it looks stunning in every space.

Popular Applications of Carrara Quartz


Carrara classic quartz countertops

Some common applications of Carrara Morro quartz are –

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • flooring
  • Tabletops
  • Fireplaces
  • Accent walls

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Carrara Classic quartz

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