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Carrara Quartz

Color White
Origin India
SLAB DIMENSIONS 122″ x 64″ (310 cm x 162 cm)
Applications Kitchen
Finishing Polished
THICKNESS: 1 1/4″ (3 cm)


Carrara quartz gives your interior a delicate, airy, and stunning look. If you have decided to provide a special touch of indulgence and high-end refinement to your kitchen and bathroom and other areas of your home and commercial places, Carrara quartz is the right choice.

Upgrading your kitchen or dining area with Carrara quartz is easy and will transform the interiors with superior performance and incredible value.

Why use Carrara quartz? Because:

  • You can achieve a neutral but refined, simple but stylish and elegant look.
  • This quartz needs minimum maintenance and care.
  • Get a premium kitchen countertop surface for a lifetime.
  • Carrara quartz is extremely hard, durable, heat resistant, scratch-resistant, non-porous, and easy to combine with any other design.
  • This quartz is also resistant to chipping, staining, and bacteria.
  • Using Carrara quartz will reward you with an incredible look and feel of classic working tops that anyone will enjoy.
  • Achieve a more beautiful, functional, and perfect space that will cause delight and an uplifting feeling.
  • Carrara quartz is a beautiful, luxurious surface that offers all the aesthetic upsides and can save money, effort, and time.
  • If you choose Carrara quartz, you won’t go wrong since, with it, you get the art of perfection and the perfection of art. It is a masterful blend of subtle and spectacular! Create an awe-spiring experience for your visitors.

Don’t settle for less; choose stones with us and get the perfect combination of durability, resilience, beauty, and functionality—all in the same place. Our Carrara quartz will meet all your goals, wants, and needs to complement your contemporary home or commercial place.

Stonedepot is one of the largest and leading importers and exporters of high-quality and premium quartz. Each of our Carrarra quartz has a distinct visual appeal that combines a striking color palette, mood, and pattern.


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