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Calacatta Statuario

ColorWhite & Grey Veins
Slab SizeSize:127×64 (inches)
ApplicationsCountertops, kitchen islands, accent walls, and floor tiles


Beautiful & Durable Calacatta Statuario Quartz at the Best Prices!

Quartz is the best bet when buyers want aesthetic and durable stones at wholesale prices. Specifically, Calacatta Statuario Quartz  is one of the most popular quartz options in the market. It is a manufactured slab made of natural quartz, resins, and pigments. The slabs display a beautiful white background with irregular grey veins.

The veins are present in a detailed solid grey color, making it more realistic looking. The Statuario marble quarried from Italy is pricey, but you can now achieve the same look with quartz. Moreover, it is much more durable, cost-effective, and resistant than marble. If you are looking for Statuario Classique Quartz at the best prices, consider Stone Depot, US, where we only offer the finest quality products.

Benefits of Installing Calacatta Statuario Quartz

Statuario quartz countertop is an elegant and solid material offering great benefits. From longevity, resistance, and versatility to cost-effectiveness, it has every quality one wants. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Quartz Statuario for your next bulk order.

calcatta suaturiao quartz countertops

  • Durable: Quartzes are man-made materials so; they are tougher compared to natural stones. Granites and marbles are durable to a certain extent, but quartzes are indestructible. Their durability has made it popular among fabricators, contractors, and interior designers. If you’re looking for countertops with marble’s beauty at less price, this is it.
  • Low-Maintenance: They demand little upkeep, even less maintenance than marble and granite. Quartz Statuario assures no growth of algae and bacteria if hygiene is a concern. They also do not need sealing like other natural stone countertops. Wipe off the surface using some water and a cloth, and it’s good to go.
  • Budget-Friendly: Quartz countertops and slabs cost less compared to marble and granite. They are a better option with beauty, durability, and resistance with the added convenience of low cost. That’s why their demand is gaining a steady momentum among builders and fabricators. Get your Silestone Statuario quartz only at Stone Depot, US, at wholesale prices.
  • Non-Porous: Unlike natural materials, Quartz countertops are non-porous and smooth. They do not absorb water, acid, oil, or food substances. It is a great plus point because when stones absorb water, etc., they become susceptible to wear and tear. Install them in the kitchen or bathroom, and they’ll outperform every other material.
  • High Resistance: Statuario maximus quartz is far more resistant than any other stone. Quartzes are highly resistant to heat, scratches, staining, cracks, and other damage. The chances of discoloration are much lower than in natural marble. That’s why it is such a versatile option to install in indoor and outdoor construction projects.
  • Versatile: They have an enduring appeal with multiple applications. Statuario gold quartz countertop is a natural-looking stone but more malleable. It offers the liberty to custom make it as you want considering the shades and patterns. Install it in the kitchens, backsplashes, bathrooms, sinks, stairs, fountains, windows, and door sills.

Top Applications of Calacatta Statuario Quartz

The benefits of quartz are numerous, making it a widely used material. Likewise, Calacatta Statuario quartz countertops are versatile and fit for installation in different projects. Your buyers can enhance interiors and exteriors using this unique and appealing quartz from reliable suppliers like Stone Depot. Here are standard applications of the same.

calacatta statuario quartz countertops

  • Kitchens: Statuario quartz kitchen is a popular choice among interior designers and fabricators. The white background of the slab helps brighten the space while making it look spacious. Resistance to heat, staining, and scratching are non-negotiable qualities for a material in a kitchen. It is also easy to clean up; any oil, water, or sauce spill needs a mild surface cleaner and cloth to clear up.
  • Bathrooms: It is an excellent choice for bathrooms because it is non-porous. Such a wet area needs a non-porous stone, or the wear and tear is quick. It enhances bathroom safety as there’s a low chance of bacterial, algae, and mold growth. It does not retain moisture, so it’s also mostly slip-resistant.
  • Sinks: The sink is another area that encounters moisture, food, and other substances. And quartz countertops handle these well. It is heat, scratch, and stain resistant, making it one of the most popular materials for the kitchen. Additionally, it is non-porous, it does not absorb moisture that fastens damage.
  • Staircases: Another place to install them is staircases. They beautify and ensure minimum slipperiness indoors and outdoors. It gives them an ageless appearance offering great benefits. One can customize and ask the manufacturers to make the surface slip resistant as needed.
  • Window & Door Sills: You can do things around the window and door sills to enhance their character. One of the easiest ways is to add quartz slabs on the sills. Use Statuario maximus quartz on the windows and doors. Ensure to protect them from excess UV rays; they are susceptible to damage if exposed for an extended period.
  • Floors: Flooring is another common area of application where we can use quartz. Elegant-looking flooring with ease of cleaning is all a project needs. That’s why quartz is a favorite pick of interior designers and builders for various projects.
  • Fountains: Finally, beautifying outdoor seating and surroundings is a common application. For instance, they can give fountains a great look. As they are non-porous and resistant to water and moisture, they are safe for use. If you’re a buyer looking for durable, resistant, and low-maintenance stone at wholesale price, contact Stone Depot.

Why should you choose Statuario quartz countertops? Because-

  • Variation in color, shape, shade, size, and classic pattern gives you the freedom of choice while making a collection for your kitchen, bathroom, or countertops.
  • Durability, strength, and resistance to various damages due to heat and UV ray Stat makes statuary classique quartz an excellent choice to build futuristic spaces.
  • Quartz stone is famous in the household segment due to its ease of maintenance and lack of care.
  • Selected interiors of a home made of Quartz are non-porous, making it easy to keep your home’s interiors bacteria-free.
  • Calacatta Statuario quartz countertops is the most durable surface material since it is an engineered stone, and it ranks 7.0 on MOH’s hardness scale, meaning it’s highly resistant to cracks, chips, scratches, and stains. However, excessive amounts of stress can harm the surface.

Stone Depot – The Most Reliable Natural Stone Supplier

Today, fabricators, builders, and contractors want to give their projects a marble feel at a reasonable price. At Stone Depot, we offer Calacatta Statuario Quartz countertops that deliver exactly that. We design, cut, shape, and polish our quartz slabs that fit seamlessly into any application. Their unique characteristics and versatility distinguish them from other material options.

From the kitchen, bathroom, sinks, staircase, floors, fountains, windows, and door sills; their uses are endless. Choose Stone Depot for all your quartz requirements in the USA. We have been in the industry since 1984 dealing with natural and man-made stones. We ensure the delivery of premium products, expertise, and professional services at the best prices!

Stone Depot is the largest and leading importer-exporter of a wide range of Quartz and other high-quality natural stones such as Marbles and Granites. With our eternal calacatta statuario quartz, your home will have the look and feel of granite/marble and the strength of one of the hardest-engineered materials.

So, if you’re looking for manufactured or natural stone countertops for business needs, contact us Stone Depot USA today.

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