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Black Galaxy Granite

ColorGalaxy Black
Slab SizeSize:127×64(inches)
ApplicationsWall, floor, countertop, mosaics, stair, and window sill
Finish polished,  honed
Thickness:3 cm


Black Galaxy Granite

If you need a neutral yet stunning material, then black galaxy granite is the best. The granite stone features a black surface with small white or gold flecks. It’s a popular material among designers, architects, fabricators and more. The galaxy black granite stone is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

It’s natural, durable, resistant, versatile, and low maintenance. Our experts recommend it for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, accent walls and other features. If you’re a buyer searching for black galaxy granite countertops, contact Stone Depot. The beautiful starry stone will look excellent in every setting. We offer the finest quality granite countertops at the best prices!

Why Choose Black Galaxy Granite?

The elegant granite black galaxy is undeniable. It is a medium-grained stone which makes it durable and ideal for many applications. Its features resemble the galaxy’s appearance. Besides its striking looks, it offers many other benefits. Let’s look at some compelling reasons to select a black galaxy granite slab for your project.

  • Durable: Galaxy black granite is a strong natural stone. Once installed and looked after well it can last for decades. It is ideal for busy areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, flooring and other spaces.
  • Resistant: The stone has a high resisting ability. It can resist high heat, scratches, stains, chips, and other damage. Homeowners don’t need to worry about frequent repairs with the stone.
  • Low Maintenance: The material is easy to clean and doesn’t need regular maintenance. An annual sealing treatment is enough to keep it good-looking and functional.
  • Versatile: A black galaxy granite slab is very versatile. It is suitable and can perform well in almost every setting. Be it a kitchen, bathroom, living room or pathway, it will ace any application.
  • Affordable: It is an affordable material compared to other natural stones. It’s an attractive option for buyers looking for material on a budget.
  • Unique: Each slab of granite black galaxy is unique. Its pattern of white and gold all over the black surface can make spaces look appealing. If you’d like a one-of-a-kind stone, then go with it.

Top Applications of Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy granite is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s a high-in-demand material due to the excellent benefits it offers. Let’s look at some of its common areas of application below.

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Vanity Tops
  • Floorings
  • Accent Walls
  • Cladding
  • Staircases
  • Tombstones and Monuments

Stone Depot – The Best Galaxy Black Granite Supplier


galaxy black granite

If buyers are looking for a reliable natural stone supplier, then look no further than Stone Depot US. We are a leading natural and manmade stone supplier in the USA. We aim to deliver the finest quality products at reasonable prices and on time. We also guarantee secure packaging and doorstep delivery worldwide. Contact us to know about black galaxy granite cost and further help today!

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