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Steel Grey Granite

Slab SizeSize:127×64(inches)
ApplicationsCountertops, mosaics, wall, floor, stairs, and window sills
FinishPolished,  honed, leathered
Thickness:3 cm


Steel Grey Granite Countertop at the Best Prices!

Granite is an excellent pick if you are aiming to achieve a sleek, modern, or even traditional look. Especially Steel Grey Granite Countertop is a classic, elegant, and timeless option. It offers stunning aesthetics, exceptional durability, unparalleled strength, and longevity. It provides a versatile canvas if projects need a classy yet contemporary appearance.

Its deep grey hue and irregular white dots distinguish and enhance a space’s appeal. Its resistance to heat, scratches, stains, and damage makes it great for high-traffic areas. Install it in commercial or domestic projects, granite steel grey remains beautiful forever. Choose premium quality granite Steel Grey countertops from Stone Depot, US. We offer granite slabs with ultimate sophistication and functionality at the best prices!

Reasons to Buy Steel Grey Granite Countertop

There are compelling reasons to buy steel grey granite countertops. The exquisite natural stone fulfils the demands of heat resistance, scratches, stains, and daily use. With steel grey, your clients will enjoy long-lasting and low-maintenance countertops. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting steel grey granite.

steel grey granite countertops

  • Durable: Durability is the first attribute that comes to our minds when considering granite. It is a solid natural stone with unmatchable strength and longevity. Projects built with it don’t need heavy repair or replacement for years. It is an all-time favorite stone to install by construction parties in different sectors.
  • Affordable: It is a cost-effective option. Installing granite slabs or countertops might feel pricey, but it’s worth it in the long run. The durability of the stone minimizes the need for replacement or repair which saves costs. For instance, a less solid stone would need frequent maintenance which eventually adds to expenses.
  • High-Resistance: It has high resistance against heat, staining, scratching and extreme weather conditions. All these qualities make it a great pick for installations in any location. Use it to enhance your interior or exterior, it will look as beautiful as it has for years. A good seal is all it needs every one or two years.
  • Low-Maintenance: Granite countertops demand minimum care. The worktop in the kitchen would need a simple wipe using water or mild surface cleaner and a cloth. It does not require scrubbing, etc. Remember to seal it well and avoid using harsh chemical cleaners.
  • Versatile: Granite steel grey slabs are exceptionally versatile. Install it in the kitchen, bathroom, stairs, windowsills, door sills, etc., and it will ace it everywhere. Its applications also include swimming areas, flooring, wall cladding and vanity tops. Builders can go ahead and get this natural stone without a doubt.
  • Customizable: It is a solid natural stone but soft enough for cutting in preferable shapes and sizes. Additionally, it is available in large cuts that make perfect islands in the kitchen. One can place bulk orders and request customizations as per market demand. At Stone Depot US, we offer countertops and slabs in various sizes.

Different Finishes of Steel Grey Granite Countertop

Granites are strong, structurally stable, and versatile. Besides this, they are available with different surface treatments. We have discussed the most common granite finishes below.

grey granite countertops

  • Polished: One of the most common surface treatments that granite undergoes is polishing. Polished steel grey granite slabs look mirror-like, lustrous, and smooth. It adds elegance and enhances the stone’s natural beauty, charm, and color. The buffing and grinding procedure give a polished finish.
  • Bush-hammered: Bush-hammered granite is a primitive-looking stone. The texture is achieved using a hammering technique till the slabs break causing small pits. They are highly slip-resistant and make material for flooring, swimming pools and paving. Choose steel-grey granite flooring if you desire a worn-out look.
  • Leathered: Steel grey leathered granite countertops are relatively new compared to other finishes. But they are steadily gaining popularity in the industry. They have more of a textured look and less gloss. They give a rustic and warm appeal to any construction space.
  • Lepatora: Lepatora finish granite exhibits a worn-out yet stylish look. The surface treatment most probably originates from Italy. The appearance is given by using an abrasive element. It is easy to clean and slip-resistant, which is ideal for stairs, countertops, and other outdoor applications.
  • Flamed: The flamed finish has a bumpy stone touch to it. The surface processing enhances the stone’s finish, making it lighter, rustic and faded. To achieve this surface finish, the slabs are exposed to flames that make them spurt and coarse. It is excellent for outdoor applications as it offers non-slip features.
  • Brushed: Brushed finish is a mildly texture granite. The process includes lightly brushing the stone until it gains texture. It improves the natural hue of the countertop. This finish can conceal any scratches or imperfections which are common in installations.

Various Applications of Steel Grey Granite

Steel Grey Granite Indoor Floors

  • Kitchens: Steel grey granite countertop is a perfect pick for installing in the kitchen. Heat, scratch, and stain resistance make it ideal for such an environment.
  • Bathrooms: Another common application includes bathroom spaces. Textured and slip-resistant granite slabs are excellent for such areas.
  • Stairs: It is also good for staircases. They demand something slip-resistant, and granite steel grey delivers the same.
  • Wall-cladding: Interior and exterior wall cladding can go up a notch with steel grey. Use it either beautify your indoors or outdoors effortlessly.
  • Vanity Tops: One can install polished steel grey granite as vanity tops. They work well as they look shiny and lustrous.
  • Paving: Paving is another application where granites perform well. Being resistant towards extreme weather conditions, outdoor installations can be rewarding.

Stone Depot US – Granite Countertops Supplier USA

steel grey granite

If a buyer is looking for steel-grey granite countertops (also known as silver pearl granite), then Stone Depot is the right place! We have been offering premium quality natural stones across the USA since 1984. We have different finishes available in custom sizes at wholesale prices. Contact our experts to request a quotation or to know the steel grey granite price today.

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