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Absolute Black Granite: The Sophistication and Durability of Natural Stone 

absolute black granite slabs

Absolute Black Granite is a natural stone from India with consistent color and texture. From a distance, this stone appears to be uniformly black, with no obvious variances, mineral deposits, or faults. A closer inspection reveals tiny gray mineral flecks distributed throughout the stone, which are most visible in areas with an abundance of natural light. This exquisite granite is recommended for use indoors and outdoors on worktops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, thresholds, countertops, and floors. When it comes to selecting your black absoluto granite, there are multiple varieties to choose from, such as:

absolute black granite slabs
  • Warangal Black
  • Kothalwadi Black/Mysore Black
  • Khammam Black
  • Gumbali Black
  • Talwadi Black
  • Ilgur Black
  • Kanakpura Black
  • Panchpalli Black

Why Is Black Granite a Great Choice for Your Interior?

Absolute black leathered granite is more than just a stone; its advantages make it an excellent choice for a variety of design requirements, as follows:

  • Versatility: The granite’s rich and deep color complements every design and aesthetic, making it a versatile choice among builders and construction contractors.
  • Durability: Due to stain and scratch-resistant properties, it stands as a durable choice among construction projects. 
  • Heat Resistant: Black granite is ideal for kitchens because it can withstand extreme temperatures without chipping or losing color.
  • Acid-Resistant: Acids and fluids in various foods don’t affect the granite’s surface. This makes it a recommended choice for kitchen countertops and living area projects.
  • Re-sale value: Natural stone like granite absolute black polished adds to the visual appeal and gives an advantage in the resale value.

How much does absolute black granite cost?

Absolute black granite’s price varies depending on thickness, quality, and finish. Black granite countertops commonly cost between $14.09 and $50 per square foot. Installation, edging, and other alterations may result in additional expenses. Remember that buying superior black absolute granite for your interior areas guarantees long-term durability and visual attractiveness. For more information on pricing, you can download our free brochure or contact the experts at Stone Depot.

Exploring Different Varieties and Finishes

What Black Granite Inspiration for Your Next Project? Absolute black polished granite, or absolute black honed granite can be an inspiration for various project needs. Due to its versatility, durability, and rich and elegant color, it can used for multiple types of applications such as:

absolute black granite countertops image
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Vanity Tops
  • Flooring
  • Wall Covering
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Architectural Features
  • Handicrafts

Now, after knowing about how you want to apply absolute black granite, you must also know about the various finishes available to suit your project requirements. 

Finishes available are:

  • Polished
  • Flamed
  • Leathered
  • Lepatora
  • Honed
  • Bush-hammered
  • Brushed

With enduring elegance, each black granite finish adds its appeal and usefulness to various applications, enabling you to express your style and improve the aesthetics of your living areas.

Technical Performance of Absolute Black Granite Countertops

Absolute black granite countertops stand out as a preferred choice because of their impressive technical performance such as:

absolute black granite slabs
  • Apparent density: 2960–3010 kg/m3
  • Open porosity: 4% vol
  • Water absorption: 0.02–0.06% wt
  • Flexural strength: 16–21 MPa
  • Compressive strength: 225–250 MPa
  • Resistance to fixings: 1900–2100 N
  • Abrasion resistance: 28.5 MPa
  • Modulus of rapture: 12.22 MPa
  • Ultimate tensile strength: 280 kg/cm2
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0.0045 mm/mcº

Black granite, which ranks 6-7 on the Mohs scale, is long-lasting, heat-resistant, and scratch-resistant, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has low to moderate absorption and limited acid sensitivity, although it is susceptible to strongly colored liquids and oils. It is tougher than marble and softer than quartzite.

How to clean Black granite?

One question that is often asked is can honed black absolute granite be dyed? The answer to this question is our premium quality of black absolute granite doesn’t need to be dyed or oiled.

However, here are a few tips that one can easily use while cleaning and maintaining their absolute black granite slabs:

  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe dust.
  • Avoid using harsh acidic cleansers. Instead, use a mild cleanser and water.
  • In case of spill clean instantly.
  • Opt for annual sealing to avoid stains and scratches.

Stone Depot – The Best Natural Stone Supplier

Absolute Black Granite is the perfect example of elegance and durability in interior design. Its qualities like versatility, durability and heat resistance stand it out. Proper maintenance ensures its longevity, making it an ideal choice for any interior project.

Looking for black polished, leathered and honed granite? Then look no further than Stone Depot USA. The top black granite provider, with over 35 years of experience. Our absolute black granite is sourced from premium places and offers both aesthetics and functionality. Choose us for high-quality stones, secure packaging, on-time delivery, and support. Contact experts at Stone Depot right away to buy absolute black polished & leathered granite at the greatest prices!

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