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Kitchen Black Granite Countertops Pros and Cons

black granite countertops

Countertops are an important part of construction that makes or breaks the kitchen’s aesthetics. When we look back to the 1970s, granite has made its place in kitchen designs. They will come with all the advantages exhibited by premium quality stones. Apart from having all the benefits, black granite countertops also add a touch of luxury and boldness to contemporary and traditional design needs. 

Without a question, black granite is an amazing choice for kitchen countertops. However, it becomes important to look for the pros and cons of granite countertops before planning to cherry-pick one.  

Therefore, if you are looking for the challenges and benefits of black kitchen countertops in a single read, then continue scrolling. With the help of this write-up, we aim to answer your every question about the black granite countertop kitchen design ideas. 

What is Black Granite Countertops? 

Before moving forward with the granite countertops’ pros and cons, we must look at What is Dallas Black Granite?  

black granite countertops

Granite is all in demand by homeowners, builders, and investors because of its beauty and long-lasting qualities. Due to its stunning appearance, black granite slabs are a popular material for floors, worktops, and other home accents. Black granite has a contemporary, distinctive, and fashionable appearance. It can withstand all weather conditions, including frigid ones, and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

Mainly this stone is categorized as honed black granite and leather black granite. In honed black granite, the polishing process comes before buffing. This gives it a matte or low-sheen finish, lacking in high-reflective, mirror-like finish. The softer honed black granite countertops are popular among those who prefer a casual or weathered appearance. 

On the other hand, leather black granite has a pebbled, leather-like surface. It has a grainy appearance and a subtle shine which is less prominent than polished granite which differs it from honed granite countertops. Nonetheless, the overall feeling is warm and elegant. 

Types of Black Granite 

When we talk about modern kitchen black granite countertops, there are multiple varieties of black granite to choose from.  

galaxy black granite countertops
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • Black Pearl Granite 
  • Black Leather Finish Granite  
  • Telephone Black Granite 
  • Black Galaxy Golden Star Granite 
  • Black Galaxy White Star Granite 
  • Absolute Black Granite 
  • River Black Granite 
  • Black Marquina Granite 
  • Black Albena Granite 

Strengths of Black Granite Countertops for Your Project  

Before personal taste and preferences, there are a few strengths and qualities of dark granite countertops that set it apart from other stones. Let us look at them in detail: 

black granite countertops image
  • Durability: One of the most considered and looked after advantages is its durability.  They perform extremely well in high-traffic areas like kitchens with black granite countertops and bathrooms.  
  • Highly Versatile: Grey and black granite countertops suit well in traditional, transitional, or contemporary kitchen settings. Whatever design idea you have, black granite can easily accommodate practically any design decision. For more information on granite, check out our post-premium 
  • Stain Resistance: As an igneous rock created under great stress, it can survive normal wear and tear. However, it is recommended to seal your granite countertop black annually to prevent liquid penetration. It is also advisable to clean any spills immediately. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning the black granite countertops kitchen is relatively easy. A mixture of mild soap and water works best. Also, sealing the countertops periodically also adds to its life and maintenance. 
  • Increased Home Value: Black granite countertops are a significant selling point for prospective purchasers. When properly maintained, granite lasts a lifetime and provides significant resale value to your home. 

Challenges to Consider with Black Granite Countertops

Just like a coin has two sides, these black and brown countertops also have a few disadvantages as well: 

  • Visibility of Fingerprints and Dust: Due to its dark color, spots of dust, watermarks, and fingertips are easily visible in comparison to a lighter surface. People with hectic schedules can find it difficult to maintain and clean the countertops regularly. One more thing to be kept in mind is the use of coasters, trivets, and chopping boards should be always done.  
  • Lighting Dependence: When installing a black granite countertop, it is important to have strategic planning for lighting. It’s because of the dark color of the countertop, which tends to give a certain type of gloomy feel to the space. 
  • Cost: Black granite countertop colors with white cabinets can be a little expensive in comparison to other options. To know more about prices, you can download our free brochure or contact our experts at Stone Depot USA.  


Black granite countertops offer a blend of elegance, luxury, and boldness. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and black granite slabs are no exception. Its qualities of durability, versatility, and easy maintenance make it desirable for many project needs. However, it also has its challenges like the visibility of dust and prints, cost considerations, etc. 

black granite slabs

 If you have made your decision to purchase black granite for your countertops, then look no further than Stone Depot USA. With over 35 years of experience in the stone industry, we promise to deliver- premium quality products with competitive pricing and safe and timely delivery. To know more, contact us at Stone Depot USA.  

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