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Everything Know About Quartz Kitchen Countertops Before Upgrading Your Kitchen

quartz kitchen countertops

When remodeling a house, the foremost thing everyone thinks of is kitchen remodeling. It is because the kitchen is the heart of the home! And over the years, the countertop options we use for kitchen renovation have increased. For a long time, granite countertops were the top choice. But there’s been a shift in market preference after Quartz kitchen countertops.

They have certain qualities that make them special and a better choice than granite. Quartz kitchen countertops exhibit marble’s beauty, high durability, versatility, and resistance. And even though they might come with a high price tag, their benefits make it all worth it. So, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, know the facts about quartz before installing it. Scroll down to read and be sure you’re making the right pick.

What are Quartz Kitchen Countertops?

quartz countertops

Quartz countertops for kitchens are manmade stones or slabs, unlike granite and marble. Manufacturers produce them using ground-up quartz particles, resins, and pigments. The product is more durable, versatile, and resistant to heat and impact. Unlike natural stones, they are easy to clean, non-porous and anti-bacterial. They’re also available in a wide color selection. They’re a better material choice than other materials with similar usage.

How are Quartz Kitchen Countertops Made?

Quartz countertops are not 100% quartz. Usually, they consist of 90% quartz, granite or marble particles and industrial waste. Industrial waste can be glass, mirror, silica, or ceramic. The other 10% are pigments, resins or a cement-based binder that binds the lot. The blend of these materials gives countertop slabs a smooth surface, look, and feel.

No quartz countertop slabs consist of actual quartz from the quarries. Almost 90% of quartz countertop material’s base includes waste byproducts. These waste byproducts come from the quarrying and making procedure of other materials. It makes quartz countertops a low environmental impact and sustainable countertop option. So, let’s look at all the distinctive features quartz slabs have in store below.

Know All About Quartz Kitchen Countertops Before Renovating Kitchen

quartz countertops

Today, quartz countertops are receiving all the attention they deserve. Although granite kitchen countertops have been an ideal pick, quartz is taking over. There are many reasons why they’re an ideal material choice for a busy kitchen. And there’s no doubt considering their performance in the kitchen. Yet, there are certain factors to consider before installing quartz in the kitchen.

  • Manmade Stone: To begin with, quartz countertops are engineered stones. There’s confusion among many people and they assume quartz slabs are natural stones. One reason for confusion can be their visual similarity. It can be difficult to distinguish between granite, marble, and quartz. But it is a manmade slab with multiple applications. The product is a hybrid one consisting of features of both synthetic and natural stones.
  • Durability: Quartz stone countertops have excellent durability. Their unique formation and structure are what make them long-lasting. Unlike natural stones, they are resistant to scratches, heat, impact, and other damage. They also do not need sealing or waxing surface treatments. The key to having beautiful quartz countertops for years is to use cutting boards and trivets. Take every preventive measure possible and they’re set for decades.
  • Non-Porous: Natural stones are porous, which is a common issue every homeowner faces. The tiny pores can let moisture, liquid or germs sink into the stone. All these elements can cause stains, pigmentation, and cracks in the slabs. It will lead to stone’s damage over time. But, with quartz there’s no such issue. They are non-porous and not susceptible to any damage from water, moisture, or germs.
  • High-Resistance: The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the house. There are cooking utensils, instruments, pots, pans, food and more. All the elements make the kitchen countertops susceptible to damage. So, the countertops need to be tough and resistant. Fortunately, quartz slabs are moisture, heat, and impact resistant. If they still get a few scratches, it’s effortless to buff them out using polish.
  • Low-Maintenance: Quartz stone countertops are non-porous and resistant to heat and impact. It is because of these features they are an easy to maintain countertop option. There’s no need to seal and re-seal them like granite slabs. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain cleanliness. There are few rules when it comes to cleaning. Use a mild surface cleaner, water, and soft cloth to clean and it’s good to go.
  • Versatility: Quartz indoor countertops are versatile. They have many applications in the kitchen alone. Homeowners can use quartz as countertops, backsplashes, kitchen islands, sinks and more. Their durability, high-resistance, non-porosity, and low-maintenance make them fit for many uses. Also, homeowners can choose to edge their countertops. It’s a small detail yet has great significance. It gives an excellent finishing touch to your whole kitchen.
  • Quartz Countertops Cost: Quartz is one of the most expensive materials available for kitchen upgradation. As they became popular, the market also saw a rise in their market prices. Today, they give neck-to-neck competition to granite slabs when it comes to costs. However, the high cost is worth it in the long run with the need for the least maintenance. The quartz countertops cost begins from 55 Dollars per square foot at Stone Depot.
  • Cost of Installation: Installing white quartz countertops is a worthy investment. But homeowners must check their installation costs too. While the cost of acquiring quartz countertops varies depending on the quality. Its installation prices also differ. One can expect to pay up to 50 to 200 Dollars per square foot. Also, once you install the stones, there are no extra costs of repairs or maintenance.

A Quick Comparison with Other Countertop Materials

There’s no doubt that quartz slabs are an ideal countertop material. Yet, let’s do a quick comparison quartz between other countertop material options.

QuartzGranite Marble 
Man made stone Natural Stone Natural Stone
More durable Durable but less than quartz Durable but not like quartz 
Doesn’t need sealing or waxing. Sealing is a mustSealing is a must
Low maintenance Needs more maintenance than quartz. Needs high involvement maintenance. 
Stain resistant Less stain resistant Prone to stains

Stone Depot – The Best Quartz and Natural Stone Countertops Supplier

Fantasy brown marble slabs

The kitchen deserves the best countertop material for its remodeling. And quartz kitchen countertops prove to be the finest in the game! All the unique attributes we saw above establish it as a fact. Now that we know what kitchen’s ideal renovation material is. Let’s remember that choosing a reliable stone supplier is equally important. Only a trusted quartz countertops supplier can guarantee products at the best prices.

quartz countertops slabs
At Stone Depot, we offer the finest quality quartz and natural stone slabs for kitchens. We have been a part of the industry since 1984. We commit to delivering the best countertop products at wholesale prices. Our broad granite collection includes – Carrara Hilos quartz, Venetian White quartz, Calacatta quartz, Statuario White quartz, Calacatta Divine quartz, and Bianco quartz. Contact our experts at Stone Depot to place bulk orders or learn more. Get a free quotation today.

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