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Sparkling White

Slab SizeSize:126×63(inches)
ApplicationsCountertops, Kitchen , Bathroom
Thickness: 3(cm)


Premium Sparkling White Quartz at Wholesale Prices!

The choice of quartz influences the appearance and functionality of a space. It makes sense to go with a classy and enduring option that blends well with the rest of the project. And what’s a better choice than Sparkling White Quartz?  It is tranquil white and glittery like a winter landscape, becoming popular among buyers.

Builders, fabricators, and interior designers are now using it more in their projects. Its features, like durability, resistance, and low maintenance, make it ideal for various applications. Install it in kitchens, baths, backsplashes, floorings, tabletops, accent walls and more. It is fit for both residential and commercial properties.

If you’re a business aiming to fulfil your client’s quartz needs, contact Stone Depot, US.

Unique Properties of Sparkling White Quartz

White sparkle quartz countertops have multiple features responsible for their popularity. The first reason is its beauty. Manufacturers design sparkle white quartz using quartz, pigment, resins, and mirror chips. Mirror chips in the slabs are what reflect the light, illuminating the whole space. Besides appearance, its unique attributes include the following –

  • Durability: A sparkling white quartz countertop is an artificial material. The blend includes quartzite, resin and pigment that produces an almost indestructible product. It is solid enough to endure daily wear and tear. Use it in indoor and outdoor applications, and it’ll remain as attractive as the first day.
  • Low maintenance: It is easy to maintain. Unlike a natural stone countertop, it doesn’t need sealing every one or two years. Clean any kitchen mess, water spill or dust particles using warm water, mild cleaner and a cloth. Ease of cleaning and maintenance also ensures the quartz slab’s long-lasting shine.
  • High Resistance: All quartzes have a high resistance against heat, scratches, and stains. It is also not susceptible to chips and other damage like granite or marble. It aces both indoor and outdoor applications. It adds great value to any project or property it is a part of.
  • Non-porous: It is non-porous, meaning it does not absorb or retain moisture. So, there are no chances of harmful bacteria, algae, or other organisms breeding. Installing it in high moisture areas like kitchens, baths, pools, etc., ensures hygiene. The non-porosity also adds to its ease of cleaning feature.
  • Cost-effective: It’s available at a reasonable price than granite or marble. Natural stones can be pricey depending on the quality. But one can buy quartz at wholesale prices with a look and durability as good as any natural stone. It is emerging as a popular market pick as it allows having a luxurious look at low cost.
  • Consistent Designs: Unlike natural stones, it has a consistent design. The shade and pattern consistency makes it easier to maintain the design’s cohesiveness. Sometimes finding the same pattern in granite is difficult but not in the case of quartz. This makes it perfect for application in large-scale projects that demand uniformity.

Top 6 Applications of Sparkling White Quartz

White quartz countertops with sparkle are a versatile option. All the unique features that we see above contribute towards it. Irrespective of a project’s nature, quartz stone countertops can ace every application. From the kitchen, backsplashes, and bathrooms to swimming pool areas, it’s an excellent material to use. Let’s look at its common areas of installation below.

sparkling white quartz worktops

  • Kitchens: A kitchen is like a home’s heart which glitter white sparkle quartz countertops can enhance it further. They offer a bright, clean, and smooth surface to work in such places. They are heat, stain, scratch, and shock resistant, leaving no room for doubt. The kitchen is one of the best areas of their application.
  • Backsplashes: They are excellent to cover up the space between kitchen countertops and cabinets. The benefit of white sparkle quartz countertops is that they will suit cabinets of any color or design. The serene and glittery white is a universal shade, and it’s hard to find something it clashes with.
  • Bathrooms: The non-porosity and low maintenance property make them ideal for use in bathrooms. They are hygienic and non-toxic; both are essential points to consider in the case of baths. The white color of the slabs gives the area a spacious look. While the glitters give it a nice ambience.
  • Tabletops: Another common application of them is tabletops. The countertop with white and icy specks looks excellent as a tabletop. They can add a subtle yet statement piece in a living or waiting room. Consider them for use in home or commercial projects, it will not disappoint your buyers.
  • Accent Walls: Accent walls are emerging as a trend in interior and exterior designs. Install sparkle white quartz countertops to enhance the wall’s appearance with less effort. They make the structures seem classy and luxurious without being too loud or maximalist. Encourage your buyers to get them for their next big task.
  • Floorings: Last but not least, they are an ideal selection for flooring. The white and glitter-speckled quartz gives the floors an interesting appearance. They can catch light very well, making the room feel luminous and spacious. Installing them in small rooms can make them seem big; it is a plus point for builders, etc.

How to Select Quality Sparkle White Quartz Countertops?

Buyers must consider certain factors when selecting a sparkling white quartz countertop. As a business, you must already understand the significance of quality. Here are some points to remember to ensure client satisfaction with your products.

  • Origin: Even though it’s an engineered material, it is crucial to consider its origin. Ensure it’s fabricated at a reliable company like Stone Depot, US. Each piece of our quality quartz comes from our factories in India.
  • Finish: Many surface treatments are available for white quartz countertops with sparkle. Make sure to pick one that matches your requirements.
  • Edge Profile: Buyers can select different edge profiles for the slabs and countertops. Some standard edge profile options are beveled, square and bullnose.
  • Thickness: They are available in a different range of thicknesses. One can request their supplier for a custom thickness as per need. Remember, it can influence the overall look of a space.
  • Sample: Ask your distributor to share a sample of the product before making a purchase. Buyers can have a better idea of how they’ll look after instalments using those samples.

Stone Depot – Quartz Supplier USA

Sparkling white quartz

The sparkling white quartz countertop tops the charts when it come to popularity. Its stunning, durable, and versatile nature attracts buyers worldwide. At Stone Depot, we offer an extensive and premium quartz collection. We guarantee we have all the products to meet our buyer’s slab and countertop needs.

We have years of experience and expertise in the natural and engineered stone industry. We promise nothing but sheer quality! So, if you are searching for sparkling white quartz at the best prices, your search ends with Stone Depot. Contact us to request a quotation and learn more about products and their prices today.

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