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Venetian White Quartz

Color White
Origin India, USA
Other names Gemini White, Calacatta Quartz, Venetian White Granite, Calacatta Venice Quartz
Applications Bathroom, Jewellry, kitchen, flooring
Finishing Polished
Available products: Size:126×63(inches)
Thickness: 3(cms)


Venetian White Quartz As the Perfect Integration For Your Interiors

We spend most of our time within the beautiful ambiance of our interiors. Thus, the first set of desires that comes to our mind is regarding the furnishing of our household. Here, having elegant stones at your service would change the vision forever! Right from the flooring to the kitchen and bathroom spaces, glittering stones can make your interiors look flamboyant.

Amidst the plethora of options available, making a choice becomes difficult. However, the Venetian white quartz can be a great choice if you want to end your search! Numerous experts adjudicate this elegant mineral to be a perfect integration into interior spaces.

Are you worried about using Venetian white quartz in your household? Eliminate such worries as its features and uses will take you by surprise! At the end of the day, you would consider this the best decision for your interior design.

Features of Venetian White Quartz

The exclusive features of Venetian White Quartz play a convincing role in determining its rising popularity among the masses. Such features explain why white quartz countertops with Venetian are so rampant among interior designers and owners with an artistic vision Let us take a glance at them;

  • The Venetian White quartz comes with a surface that can stand the test of time. The mineral remains resistant to wear and tear over time, which leaves its shine and elegance unaffected.
  • The white quartz remains unaffected by the various stains that kitchen spaces are vulnerable to! Even if you spill tea, coffee, or other food by mistake, the stain won’t sustain on the surface. A single wipe with a wet cloth or a mild cleaning agent will make it look as new as it was.
  • Venetian White Quartz is immune to scratches that might come its way due to daily wear and tear. Such scratches can come from the various utensils, something dropping on the surface, etc. However, with a quartz slab in place, there is nothing to worry about.
  • There is no fear of the Venetian white quartz countertops getting heated up due to certain devices or utensils. No matter how hot an object you keep on the surface, it won’t get heated up. Thus, it remains suitable for you at all times.

Knowing About Venetian White Countertops

Whenever interior designers think of giving your household that unique look, the first thing they resort to is white quartz! They know that a natural stone countertop can better the look by manifolds, and there can be nothing better than white quartz countertops with Venetian.

The versatility of the Venetian quartz comes with the support of polymers and resin which makes it sustainable for years to come. In addition, comes the very little maintenance requirements that almost seem effortless!

The best thing about having Venetian white quartz countertops is their timeless appeal. No matter how many years or decades pass by, it would still have that exuberating flamboyance. There are different types of Venetian white quartz available that give you a wide range of options to choose from;

  • The Arctic white design comes with a bright white surface that resembles a clean canvas for you to paint on. There is no existing veining or printed design on the surface that ensures that the solid white color adds to the aesthetic appeal of your household effortlessly.
  • Another option comes in the form of the Stellar White version which includes a few grey flecks on a white background, leaving people amazed. The surface undergoes polishing that reflects a contemporary appeal without fail.
  • One design of Venetian white quartz resembles marble, making people wonder about the difference in their designs and outlook. The simple design exuberates a flawless appeal that can inspire anyone to integrate it into their household, kitchen, or dining spaces.

Thus, there is a shining opportunity to change your household and give it a royal feel. All you need is the right choice of Venetian white quartz and make your visions and reality. You have other trusted options in Venetian cream quartz and Venetian bronze quartz as well. Always opt for the best Quartz countertops supplier as they house the best and the most authentic quartz stones that do not let your dreams sink in vain.

Why Choose Us?

We house the best Venetian White Quartz to ensure the best quality goods for our customers. Our team of expert professionals cannot think of compromising on the quality! At affordable rates, we deliver the best materials for gorgeous kitchen countertops.

Venetian white quartz FAQs

Is Venetian Quartz durable?

Yes, quartz remains durable for years together.

Is it rare?

Yes, Venetian rare quartz is a rare find and thus might cost you a little more.

Are various designs available?

Venetian white quartz comes in various designs for you to choose from.



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