Calacatta Venetian White

Color White
Origin India
Slab Size Size:126×63(inches)
Applications Bathroom, Countertops, Kitchen, Backsplash
Finish Polished
Thickness:  3(cm)


Buy Premium Venetian White Quartz at the Best Price 

Venetian White quartz is a material with a soft white background and feathery grey veining. It adds life to any setting with its iridescent shine. It’s steadily gaining popularity among professionals in the stone industry. If a business wants to add this sought-after material to its collection, explore our premium quartz range. 

Why Choose Venetian White Quartz? 

There’s no doubt about Venetian White Quartz’s beauty. But, besides its stunning appearance, other solid reasons make it a top choice. And what’s better than achieving the luxurious look of marble at the price of quartz? 

Here’s why we suggest choosing white quartz countertops with Venetian

  •  Durable: Calacatta Venetian quartz countertops score a solid 7 on the hardness scale out of 10. They might not be the best for the exterior but are excellent for interior applications. They are harder than marble slabs. So, if there’s a need for hard materials at reasonable prices, quartz is an ideal selection. 
  •  Ease of Maintenance: They are easy to clean and need no maintenance. As they are manmade, they are non-porous, unlike a natural stone countertop. All they need is some water, a mild surface cleaner and a cloth to wipe them clean. Also, surface treatments like sealing or waxing are not necessary for maintenance. 
  •  Stain Resistant: Calacatta Venetian White quartz countertops are stain resistant. They are non-porous, meaning they don’t absorb any kind of liquid or moisture. It makes them suitable for places that encounter some type of liquid daily, like a kitchen. 
  •  Scratch Resistant: They have a solid surface that’s not easily susceptible to scratches or chips. The finishing of the countertops and slabs is also well done. Even granite and marble are partially resistant to scratch, but quartz is fully resistant. 
  •  Impact Resistant: They have a higher impact and shock resistance. They rank higher than other construction materials that have similar applications. That’s why they are great for indoor flooring, workstations, showers, waterfall islands, etc. 
  •  Heat Resistant: Venetian cream quartz has a higher heat resistance than other quartz alternatives. They are a suitable option for installing in areas with heat exposure. For example, kitchen countertops, backsplashes, etc., are constantly near the heat. 

Different Applications of Venetian White Quartz 

Venetian White quartz features an off-white background with subtle grey veining. The quartz has a neutral but not bland color scheme. That’s why it’s an ideal material to install in different home and commercial projects.


Venetian quartz worktop

Here are some top applications of Calacatta Venetian quartz. 

  •  Kitchen Countertops: Venetian bronze quartz makes excellent kitchen countertops. No matter if it’s a residential or commercial project, they work beautifully in both settings. They have all the unique features that make them fit for kitchen installations. 
  •  Backsplashes: They are great as backsplashes also. Especially, when the neutral color scheme matches well with the cabinet’s color. 
  •  Bathrooms: Spaces like bathrooms in homes or offices require non-porous material. White quartz countertops with Venetian offer exactly that. They are resistant to liquids and moisture. Plus, there’s no chance of bacterial growth. 
  •  Wall Surfaces: Architects can also create interior accent walls using calacatta venetian quartz. It will help leverage the ambience of any space, particularly, living rooms and receptions. Installing an accent wall is an effortless way to add spark to different structures. 
  •  Windowsills: Installing them around windowsills is also an excellent idea. Windowsills often accumulate dust on them that’s tough to clean if the surface is porous. But, since quartz is non-porous, cleaning becomes easy. 
  •  Specialty kiosks and fixtures: Finally, they can be installed as specialty kiosks and fixtures. They are structures used in retail stores to put products on display. They can be installed simply as pegboards or large-size displays. 

Stone Depot – The Best Calacatta Venetian White Quartz Countertops Supplier


 venetian quartz slabs

Calacatta Venice quartz is getting popular among architects, fabricators, and interior designers. So, if you’re a business encountering Natural Stone Countertop demands from your clients; contact Stone Depot. We offer 100% genuine and quality granite, marble, and quartz at the best prices. Call Stone Depot Quartz Supplier USA to request a quote or learn more about our prices and services. 

Venetian white quartz FAQs

Is Calacatta Venetian Quartz durable?

Yes, quartz remains durable for years together.

Is it rare?

Yes, Venetian rare quartz is a rare find and thus might cost you a little more.

Are various designs available?

Venetian white quartz comes in various designs for you to choose from.


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