Calacatta Quartz

Color Grey
Origin India
Slab Size Extra & Jumbo
Applications Interior, Wall, Kitchen, Backsplash
Finishing Polished
Thickness:  3/8 inch

Calacatta quartz is a material like Calacatta marble and is primarily composed of silicon and oxygen. Calacatta quartz comes in clean white with dramatic and bold veining ranging from grey to gold.

Using Calacatta quartz rather than marble is a thoughtful decision since it offers the beauty of marble and the strength and durability of quartz at a much lower price point.

Calacatta Quartz is attractive quartz since it is an engineered product. It helps you elevate the look of any dull interior. For example, to give your kitchen a tinge of efficiency and aesthetics, you can use various kinds of quartz stones.

The Calacatta quartz range is timeless and classic, but also highly durable and needs no sealing upon installation.

Reasons to choose Calacatta quartz for your kitchen countertops, worktops, and splashbacks:

  • Because of Calacatta Quartz’s tensile strength, it is nearly indestructible and one of the most popular engineered stones used for interior design.
  • Quartz is more complex than kitchen knife steel, is durable, resilient, and has natural anti-bacterial properties on its surface.
  • Calacatta quartz is resistant to scratches and stains due to kitchen acids such as vinegar or lemon juice.
  • This type of quartz requires low maintenance and care.
  • You can use Calacatta quartz for both large and small-scale projects.
  • Calacatta Quartz exhibits unparalleled finesse and exotic beauty in the world of composite stones.
  • Calacatta quartz is easy to clean – with water, a gentle cleanser, or a soft cloth.

As a natural stone importer and distributor, we also offer a wide range of high-quality engineered stones – quartz, imported from various parts of the world. We know people love Calacatta quartz in their homes. So, we decided to offer more subtle and exquisite quartz to give your space a clean and modern appearance.

If you decide to use this unique beauty, look no further than Stonedepot!

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