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Calacatta Divine

Slab SizeSize:127×64(inches)
ApplicationsBathroom, Countertops,  Window Sills, Wall
Thickness: 3(cms)


Buy Calacatta Divine Quartz at the Best Prices

Calacatta Divine Quartz  is the epitome of beauty! It is a popular stone choice with a crisp white background and sharp grey or black veining. It is a forever classic that will always stay trendy in the industry. Installing it means having a beautiful and durable countertop with excellent functionality.

Its durability, maintenance, affordability, and high resistance make it fit for various applications. Experts suggest avoiding using it outdoors but deem it ideal for indoor projects. Install it as a bath vanity, kitchen countertop, tabletop or interior wall and flooring. It is a standout option that a reliable natural stone supplier can offer.

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Why Choose Calacatta Divine Quartz?

Calacatta quartz‘s composition mostly consists of resins, pigments and 95% natural quartzite. The perfect blend of nature and technology ensures the slab’s durability and clean cut. Its indestructible build makes it excellent for various applications and uses. Here are some top functional and mechanical features of Divine quartz countertops.

  • Durability: Quartz is one of the most solid fabricated stones. They are excellent for everyday indoor use. They are not susceptible to damage by unintentional external force use or the dropping of heavy objects. That’s why they are an ideal match for kitchen and bathroom countertops and worktops.
  • High Resistance: The make of Calacatta divine quartz slabs is dense. Their surface composition is resistant to damage against heat, staining, scratching, and chipping. Even the most stubborn stains, like nail polish, do not stand a chance. The slabs can add elegance and value to any space they are a part of.
  • Non-porous: Surfaces that do not absorb liquids or water are non-porous. They are moisture resistant. They are a great material option for sinks, backslashes, and indoor pool surroundings. The resins present in the quartz form an unbreakable layer that no liquid can breach. It also makes it effortless to clean.
  • Low Maintenance: Their non-porous and dense nature makes cleaning easy. The surface is sleek and smooth, and cleaning agents can glide easily. It does not require much to make the stone countertop squeaky clean. All one needs is water, a mild soap, or a surface cleaner. Clients can opt for professional cleaning occasionally if they want deep cleaning.
  • Affordable: They might not be the cheapest option available, but they offer an excellent quality-price ratio. Calacatta Divine Quartz countertops offer both beauty and high quality at wholesale prices. They offer similar, if not better features as natural stone countertops like granite or marble.
  • Variety: They add luxurious appeal to any interior space. The divine aura quartz is available in different colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. Plus, since they are manmade products, manufacturers can design them to buyers liking and preference. You can find a wide range of quartz options at Stone Depot, US to choose from.

Diverse Applications of Calacatta Divine Quartz

As a quartz countertops supplier, we guarantee that Calacatta Divine will delight your buyers. They are emerging as a top selection among interior designers, fabricators, and builders. They give a statement look with their neutral elements. They are also easy to match with cabinets and hardware of any kind. Here are some standard applications of divine aura quartz slabs.

  • Interior Walls: Calacatta divine has a striking appearance with its pure white background and grey veining. It can be a stunning focal point in any area, especially in a living room. Use it to create an interior accent wall and watch it tie the ambience of a whole room together. It is bound to anchor the attention of prospects.
  • Interior Floorings: It is also great for interior flooring as it works well with wood and soft textiles. Using it will give the space an inviting and warm ambience. Since the stone is non-porous, it enhances the ease of cleaning. Plus, it does not require annual sealing, waxing or other additional maintenance services.
  • Bathroom Vanities: It will also look captivating as a bathroom vanity. Install it with glass front cabinets or open shelving, and it will add sophistication to the area. As we know, it is non-porous, and it enhances complete hygiene. It helps prevent bacterial, fungi and other organism growth.
  • Kitchen Countertops: A kitchen is one of the most crucial parts of the house that requires proper design materials. Quartz emerges as the top stone countertop for kitchen islands, countertops and more. Calacatta divine merges well with flooring, cabinets, and backsplashes. It will help construct a cohesive appearance.
  • Backsplashes: Another good area of application is backsplashes in the kitchen. It will work and look excellent between the cabinets and countertops. As it’s durable and easy to clean, one can manage any splashes of liquids with a simple wipe using water and mild cleaners.
  • Tabletops: Finally, divine Calacatta quartz can also be used for tabletops. Its resistance to heat, scratches and stains makes it ideal for daily use. So, one does not need to worry about frequent wear and tear. Wipe the surface clean using a simple cleaning measure, and that’s all it needs.

Stone Depot US – The Best Calacatta Divine Quartz Countertops Supplier

Calacatta Divine quartz is the material to choose when looking for beauty, longevity, and affordability in one. As a quartz supplier, we can say that it is steadily gaining popularity in the industry. If your customer base consists of interior designers, builders, or fabricators, consider adding Calacatta divine countertops slabs to your collection.

Calacatta Divine Quartz

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Calacatta Divine Quartz FAQs

Is Calacatta Divine Quartz Durable?

Yes, the quartz retains its shine for a longer duration.

Is the Quartz Costly?

Unlike most minerals, Calacatta Quartz comes at an affordable price.

What is the availability of Calacatta Divine Quartz?

Your supplier will provide you with the concerned details.

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