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Carrara Hilos

Slab SizeSize:126×63(inches)
ApplicationsBathroom, Countertops, Kitchen, Backsplash
Thickness: 3(cm)


Buy High Quality Carrara Hilos Quartz at the Best Prices

Carrara Hilos Quartz  is an excellent manmade construction material. It’s made using Carrara marble as a template; thus, it offers beauty and durability at low costs. It’s one of the most sought-after quartz countertops popular for intricate white and grey veining. The pleasing contours on the unique off-white/grey background work wonders in every setting.

If you’re a buyer searching for a distinctive aesthetic with a modern twist, choose Carrara Quartz. It’s a classic beauty with durability, versatility, and low-maintenance features. And when it comes to buying Carrara quartz countertops at wholesale prices, there’s no better supplier than Stone Depot! Add enduring beauty to your product range today.

Why Choose Carrara Hilos Quartz?

There are multiple compelling reasons for Carrara Hilos quartz countertops. Besides beauty and durability, it brings other unique qualities to the table. That too at reasonable prices. So now let’s look at some top reasons to consider buying exquisite material.

  • Durable: Unlike natural Carrara marble, Carrara quartz countertops are manufactured stones. So, they’re highly resistant to scratching, staining, chipping, and other damages. Their features make them ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, baths and more.
  • Non-porous: Since they’re engineered stone, there are no pores on the countertop surface. There’s little to no chance of absorbing any kind of liquid or moisture. This attribute makes it easy to clean and maintain. It also becomes anti-bacterial to a high extent.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Quartz countertops don’t need a lot of maintenance. Upon installation, any sealing or waxing surface treatment is not necessary. All it takes is water, a mild cleaner and cloth to keep the surface clean every day.
  • Resistant: Quartz of all kinds is resistant to damage, heat, and other external impacts. And Carrara mist quartz countertop is no exception. Homeowners can install the stones without having to worry about them for years.
  • Versatile: White Carrara quartz countertop is a popular versatile material. These countertops allow easy installation in different settings, whether in homes or commercial spaces. Also, it can seamlessly fit into any aesthetic, modern or rustic. Mix and match different cabinet colors and they’ll still look good.
  • Timeless: Carrara Hilos White Quartz represents luxury and opulence. With a delicate background and airy grey veins, it’s a classic that’ll never go out of style. It can fulfil the needs of designers, fabricators, and architects with its timeless look.

Top Applications of Carrara Hilos Quartz

The Carrara quartz’s features listed above make it a suitable stone for multiple uses. Its installation encompasses a wide range of projects from residential to commercial settings. The manmade stone not only adds elegance to spaces but also adds structure and functionality. Here are some popular applications of Carrara Hilos quartz countertops below.

  • Interior Flooring: Carrara Hilos quartz is ideal for indoor applications. It scores a 6 or 7 on the hardness scale which is excellent for interior flooring use. Install it in homes, offices, hotels, etc., and we guarantee that quartz will outdo natural stone countertops.
  • Interior Wall Cladding: It’s also a popular choice for interior wall cladding. Designers, architects, and fabricators can use it to create stunning accent walls. It creates a focal point in a space and reduces maintenance that a normal wall would need.
  • Kitchen Countertops: The next application is as kitchen countertops. Quartz’s durable, non-porous and low-maintenance nature makes it a fitting stone option for kitchens. Also, the neutral shade of the countertop will help create a cohesive design with ease.
  • Treads and Risers: Another standard application includes treads and risers. Its durability, hardness and natural beauty perform well in this installation. A good quartz and natural stone supplier can also offer custom sizes, finishes and anti-slip strips for the same.
  • Windowsills: The windowsills offer structural support to the window and hold it in place. White Carrara quartz countertop is a tough and durable material. It means the stone will make the windows structurally sound while looking appealing.
  • Door Jambs: A door jamb or doorpost is a vertical part of the frame which keeps the door secure. The jamb bears the door’s weight, it’s necessary that the material is durable. And quartz is one of the most suitable options to use.

Stone Depot – The Most Reliable Quartz and Natural Stone Supplier

If the timeless beauty and durability of Carrara Hilos quartz interests you, look no further than Stone Depot. We have an exquisite and broad range of quartz and natural stone countertops. Our products offer a blend of durability, aesthetics, and versatility.

So, contact us to learn more about Carrara quartz countertop price and other services today. With our unwavering commitment to quality and our clients, we’re sure our natural stone and quartz countertops at the best prices won’t disappoint buyers.

Carrara Hilos Quartz FAQs

What exactly is Carrara Hilos Quartz?

A premium engineered stone countertop material known for its breathtaking resemblance to genuine Carrara marble is Carrara Hilos Quartz. It is an ideal choice for countertops that give eternal beauty and resilience to stains, scratches, and heat since it blends the elegance of marble with the toughness of quartz.

How does real marble compare to Carrara Hilos Quartz?

While not as durable and upkeep-intensive as Carrara marble, Carrara Hilos Quartz still has an opulent appearance. Because it is non-porous, it is easy to clean and stain-resistant. It is a more practical option for busy kitchens and bathrooms than marble because it doesn’t need sealing and is less prone to chipping and breaking.

Can I use Carrara Hilos Quartz for different things?

Absolutely! Carrara Hilos Quartz is adaptable and suited for a variety of applications, including backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, bathroom vanities and kitchen counters. Any room will benefit from its attractive appearance and the resilience and easy maintenance of quartz thanks to its naturally marble-like appearance.


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