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What is Sparkling White Quartz? Everything You Need to Know 

sparkling white quartz

White interiors have always been popular for decades for the right reasons. Several reasons to be honest! For one, they feel good. Moreover, white represents joy, purity, and innocence, which adds charisma to an ambience. And which homeowner, designer or architect wouldn’t want that? One such white quartz material option is Sparkling White Quartz

It’s emerging as a sought-after choice in the world of interior design and improvement. This manmade stone is gaining fame for its extraordinary beauty and versatility. Installing it in any space makes it feel more spacious, airy, and clean. Plus, it is a timeless color that will never go out of trend. If you’re looking for quartz sparkling white, you’ve landed on the right blog. 

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll dive deep into white sparkle quartz. We will explore its benefits, applications, price considerations and trusted suppliers. So, let’s get started! 

What is Sparkling White Quartz?

Sparkling White Quartz is an engineered stone. It’s made using crushed natural quartz crystals, resins, pigments, and polymers. The material features a crisp and icy white background and shimmering speckles. The mirror pieces are unlike the polish or sheen on other synthetic materials. Instead, the shimmer runs throughout the countertop and not only on the surface. This gives the slab a more realistic and 3-D sparkle.

sparkling white quartz slabs

Its subtle bling is excellent for infusing drama into an otherwise understated space. With proper lighting such as under the cabinet lighting can make quartz material pop. When it comes to it, white quartz countertops with sparkle have it all. They offer everything from durability and style to functionality. One can’t find a better-performing material that offers such appealing looks.

Top 7 Benefits of Sparkling White Quartz

The characteristics of White sparkle quartz countertops are its ultimate benefits. Besides beauty, they offer other advantages too, which makes them so popular. Everyone from homeowners, to architects, designers and fabricators adore them alike. Let’s look at the top benefits of ice-white quartz below.

  • Aesthetic Looks: Sparkle white quartz is well-known for its magnificent beauty. It exhibits a wintery landscape-like appearance. It can help create spacious-looking and captivating interior spaces.
  • Durable Nature: It is an engineered stone and it’s meant to last for decades. Its durability makes it ideal for areas with high footfall like the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Low Maintenance: It’s an easy-to-maintain surface. It doesn’t need any sealing or waxing treatments like natural stones do. Besides, its everyday cleaning requires a simple wipe using water, a mild cleaner, and a cloth.
  • Non-Porous: Unlike a few natural stones, white quartz with sparkle has a non-porous surface. It doesn’t absorb any liquid or moisture which further makes it stain-resistant and anti-bacterial. Thus, it’s a hygienic slab option that’s perfect for kitchens.
  • High Resistance: It has high resistance towards stains, scratches, chippings, and other damage. Though it might not be heat resistant like granite, it can still handle heat well using trivets for hot pots.
  • Consistent Patterns: The slabs offer uniformity of patterns and appearance. This makes it easy for homeowners to create more cohesive interior designs. It also becomes effortless to match the material with different design elements.
  • Versatility: Premium plus white quartz is a very versatile and functional stone. Its characteristics and benefits make it fit for various applications. Be it a commercial or residential interior project, it looks stunning everywhere.

Popular Applications of Sparkling White Quartz

The above-mentioned benefits of an iced white quartz countertop make it ideal for many uses. The best part is that it complements all kinds of projects and designs. After installations, homeowners and designers are bound to achieve harmonious and appealing spaces. Here are some of the most common applications of snow-white quartz countertop below.

  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Kitchen Backsplashes
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Bar Areas
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Interior Floors
  • Interior Accent Walls

Sparkling White Quartz Countertops

White stone counter top is becoming a popular choice for many. The reasons are its aesthetics, durability, easy care, non-porosity, high resistance, uniformity, and versatility. Its unique appearance can add a touch of class to any room or space. When paired with the right cabinets, furniture and fixtures, its beauty becomes unmatched. Install it to elevate the overall attractiveness of your home or office.

Sparkling White Quartz Price

Several factors affect the price of white quartz kitchen countertops. For example, its quality, size, location, application, and complexity of installation. To know the sparkling white quartz price per square foot, contact reliable suppliers. At Stone Depot, we offer price quotations with accurate price estimates to our buyers. We ensure that we draw our estimates based on the client’s specific project.

How Do You Clean Sparkling White Quartz?

How to clean white quartz countertops

White sparkling quartz countertops don’t need a lot of maintenance. But if you want to keep up its shine and luster for decades, proper cleaning and care become crucial. Follow the simple steps below to ensure they stay a striking centerpiece for many years.

For Everyday Cleaning: Daily cleaning needs water, a mild surface cleaner and a soft cloth. Make a soapy solution by mixing warm water and cleaner. Moisten the soft cloth using the soapy mixture and wipe down the surface daily.

Remove Tough Stains Right Away: It’s a stain-resistant stone, yet some substances can still cause stains. Dark-colored liquids such as tea, coffee, juice, or wine can leave tough stains. It’s best to address them as soon as possible. To remove the stains, use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and gently scrub the area. If that’s not enough, try a water and vinegar solution.

Buff and Polish: If you want to preserve the slab’s shine like it’s still new, contact an expert. Professional services can buff and polish your surface, leaving it looking brand new. You can opt for it once or twice a year, depending on your needs.

Stone Depot – The Best Sparkling White Quartz Countertops Supplier

sparkling white quartz slabs

Searching for white sparkle quartz countertops? Look no further than Stone Depot, USA. We are one of the leading suppliers of natural and engineered stones worldwide. Our sparkle white quartz collection is sourced from premium locations, offering both aesthetics and functionality. Pair it with the right design elements and create luxurious spaces. Choose us for quality stones, secure packaging, prompt deliveries and assistance. Contact us today and grab Sparkling White Quartz at the best prices!

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