Most Popular Calacatta Quartz Colors Trends in 2024 

Calacatta quartz colors

Quartz is one of the best countertop materials ever! Especially Calacatta quartz. It’s a solid and robust type of quartz made using 95% natural ground quartz and 7% resin and pigments. Calacutta quartz has many desirable qualities. It is durable, non-porous, stain resistant and offers good value. Besides, it’s anti-bacterial and even sustainable. There are dozens of Calacatta quartz colors that one can choose from for their dream space.

In this blog, we will look at the top trending Calacatta quartz colors and patterns. It’ll help homeowners, designers and architects find the one that matches their style.

What is Calacatta Quartz?

Calacatta quartz is a countertop material that mimics the appearance of Calacatta marble. It features a clean and bright white or cream base with subtle to dramatic veining. Its veining colors can range from grey, green, and soft browns to gold. It offers the beauty of marble without its drawbacks.

It offers aesthetics, durability, strength, and easy maintenance at a lower price point. Unlike natural stones like granite or marble, it does not need annual sealing. Due to its favorable nature, qualifies it for different applications. It’s suitable for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, walls, and other similar areas.

Most Popular Calacatta Quartz Colors of 2024

Calacatta quartz countertops

This year pristine whites, luxurious golds, deep black and versatile greys are trendy. These hues are captivating everyone in the industry from designers to homeowners. These neutral and dramatic shades are timeless, and elegant and add a touch of character. Think of the world of quartz colors for kitchen countertops in 2024 and beyond. Look for these colors in the best countertop material – quartz!

With quartz, one doesn’t have to give up aesthetics for durability and vice versa. You can have it all when you choose the unique Calacatta quartz. Plus, it’s also an excellent long-term investment for homeowners. It offers many benefits and the only tough decision you’ll need to make is picking its color. Let’s look at the most popular quartz colors of 2024 below.

Calacatta Quartz

Calacatta quartz

If you want a clean and bright-looking material for your space, choose Calacatta quartz. It resembles the look of a distinct marble type – Calacatta marble. It offers both beauty and durability but without marble’s downsides. It features a brilliant white base with dramatic veining spread across the perimeter. The veining colors can range from soft grey to gold. It’s durable, non-porous, resistant, hygienic, and easy to maintain.

Calacatta Divine Quartz

With a white base and sharp black or grey veining, Calacatta Divine Quartz is the epitome of beauty. It’s a popular stone among homeowners, designers, fabricators, and architects. It is a classic material that is always on trend. It’s aesthetic, durable, versatile, functional, resistant, and affordable. All the benefits make it an ideal material for various applications in interior spaces. Install it as a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, shower wall or interior flooring.

Calacatta Laza Quartz

Calacatta Laza Gold Full slab

Calacatta Laza Quartz has a dramatic movement going on all over its surface. It features a milky white base and a blend of soft and bold brown veining patterns. The marble-looking stone is an ideal pick for the kitchen, bathroom, walls, and flooring. It can refresh both large and small spaces, delighting the eyes of the onlookers. Use durable, low maintenance and resistant quartz for residential and commercial spaces.

Calacatta Milano Quartz

calacatta milano quartz slabs

Calacatta Milano Quartz is a stunning material with a milky white base and soft grey veins. It is a subtle yet attractive quartz Calacatta stone choice for many. Homeowners, architects, designers, and fabricators adore it alike. It can transform any space through its beauty, durability, functionality, and affordability. It can help brighten small spaces and make them appear larger than they are.

Calacatta River Quartz

If you’re searching for nature inspired Calacatta countertops, go for Calacatta River Quartz. It has an accurate resemblance to Calacatta River marble. The material imitates the look of an actual riverbed, hence, the name. Calacatta River Quartz exhibits a white background and grey veining throughout the surface. The unique, durable, versatile, easy to care for and resistant stone is ideal for various uses. Use it as kitchen countertops, bath vanities, tub decks, windowsills, walls, and flooring.

Calacatta Romano Quartz

Calacatta romano slabs

Calacatta Romano Quartz is one of the most luxurious quartz material options. It can help elevate the aesthetics and ambience of any ordinary space. It displays a white background and soft grey veins running across the perimeter. It’s a perfect choice due to its durable, versatile, non-porous and resistant nature. It works well with architectural style, be it residential or commercial. It works great as countertops, vanity tops, flooring, windowsills, wall accents and more.

Calacatta Tree Quartz

Calacatta Tree Grey full slab

Another nature-inspired quartz on our list is Calacatta Tree Quartz. It’s a remarkable material that resembles the roots of a tree. The stone features a white background and light grey veins. It can help create a striking statement look for any space. Its eye-catching details, versatility, durability, and affordability make it a popular choice. Plus, it’s also stain and other damage resistant. Kitchen islands, countertops, vanity tops, baths and showers are some of its common applications.

Calacatta Venatino Quartz

Calacutta Venetino Grey

Next, we have Calacatta Venatino Quartz. It’s meant to resemble the appearance of Calacatta Venatino marble. It features a classic look with an off-white base and a subtle grey veining pattern. With its durable, easy-care, and versatile features, it’s effortless to create extraordinary spaces. The timeless beauty is suitable for countertops, backsplashes, wall accents, flooring, and showers. Make your interior decor dreams come true, without any kind of maintenance.

Calacatta Venetian Quartz

calacatta venice quartz slabs

Calacatta Venetian Quartz exhibits a warm white base and subtle broad veining. The pattern imitates the look of the famous Italian marble. The pattern across the perimeter appears like cellular strands. It’s durable, easy to care for, stain-resistant, versatile, and non-porous. The chic-looking quartz is suitable for countertops, islands, walls, windowsills and more. One can use them for any kind of project, commercial or residential.

Calacatta Statuario Quartz

calacatta statuario quartz

Give your space a makeover using Calacatta Statuario Quartz! The material displays a misty white background and light grey strokes. It’s durable, maintenance-free, anti-microbial and versatile. The high-quality quartz also resembles the appearance of Calacatta marble. It’s excellent for kitchen and bathroom uses, and other interior applications as well. Install it as kitchen countertops, bath vanities, shower walls, accent walls and more.

Calacatta Ultra Quartz Price

Calacatta Quartz is a reasonable construction material compared to natural stones. The price varies depending on the material size, thickness, and other measurements. If you want to know the prices or for more information, get in touch with our team.

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